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Note from the Game Master (AKA “Daddy”):

Although the original setting for Hero Kids takes place in Brecken Vale, an isolated valley that lies in the cold north of an ancient and dangerous medieval world, I took the liberty of placing this Hero Kids campaign in the Pathfinder world of Golarion, particularly in the town of Sandpoint.

The foremost reason for doing this was to introduce my five-year old son to an amazingly rich world where he can someday continue the epic stories which began using the Hero Kids RPG system and hopefully will someday make the transition into the Pathfinder system.

No matter the system or the world, it brings me joy knowing my son has already taken a liking to role playing games, something I wasn’t introduced to until the end of my middle school years.

So sit back and enjoy the saga my son has started here. I hope to see it someday continue in the The Golarion Gambit campaign world I GM for a great group of friends.

Richard Rouillard
GM Hero Kids Chronicles
GM The Golarion Gambit
DM Legacy of the Realms


Main Page

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